Appalachian Renaissance Faire

Welcome! ARF is here in Appalachia! We are celebrating the region's rich Celtic culture & heritage, along with all of the typical Renaissance Faire fun. These events are an interactive historical novel, so get your characters ready, share your ideas, get involved and stay tuned!

Thank You to Our ARF Supporters!

Hear ye! Hear ye! ARF has been chosen as the 2nd place "New Festival" winner at the Renaissance Festival Awards!

Renaissance Festival Awards

The Mountains Give Us Strength
OUR STORYLINE: Takes place deep in Appalachia, where 81,000 Scottish Lowlanders and some English migrated to Ulster, Ireland for the opportunity to reestablish themselves and their families in a new land. Serving a major role in the American Revolution, these Celtic men and women dug in and held tight as libertarians of the New World, weaving a rich history of rebels, patriots and tradition. In typical RenFaire tradition, ARF will weave a historical fiction; ours is unique in that it is based on the strong roots established by the Scots-Irish, which still hold the mountains today.

Appalachian Renaissance Faire


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