Appalachian Renaissance Faire

Thank You to Our Supporters!

We extend a special thanks to the following for their generous contributions and support to ARF.

Financial Sponsors:

Brian & Sunny Tanner
George & Penny Hussey
Tom & Marlene Burnheimer
David Neil
Wendy Overman
Brian Ward
Kevin Lewis
Magee Little
Justin Price
Dorothy Sanders
Henry Culpepper
Richard Clayton
Kelly Williams
Maureen Covey
Arlie Zachary
Jessica Carter
Todd Newsom
Ruthie Canter
Bridget Wallen
Kimberly Lukes

We would like to thank "everyone" that contributed to building, planning, work on site & off site and anyone who helped make this year's Renfaire become a reality......we thank you for all your hard work and contributions.


ARF Partners