Appalachian Renaissance Faire

Vendor Information and Applications



Products sold to ARF patrons must be handcrafted and fit the renaissance theme. We discourage imported or mass produced items. All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified of our decision.

Food products must be of high quality. Food vendors must comply with health department rules and regulations and provide a current copy of liability insurance. Craft vendors are asked to provide a current copy of liability insurance, if available or needed.

All food service utensils (napkins, plates, cups, etc,) must be biodegradable or recyclable, no Styrofoam allowed.

Your booth must be attended at all times. Having an assistant is encouraged to give you breaks. All participants must be listed on the participant form for security check-in and have a signed release agreement for our records.

ARF is not responsible for loss due to weather, theft, etc.; your vendor application will require acknowledgment of this with signature.

Being able to accept and credit/debit cards is encouraged and will make it easier to sell your wares. However, not required. Make sure you have cash on hand to make change for cash transactions.


Vendors will provide their own tent, booth, cart, tables, chairs décor. Vendors must provide and maintain one fire extinguisher per booth (5-10lbs, 20 lbs for booths with flame/fire). Please indicate utility requests on your application.

Tent, temporary booth or cart décor must fit the festival theme. Contemporary table and chairs legs must be covered completely. Plastic or contemporary storage containers must be kept out of sight.

ARF will assign spaces to vendors according to the event site plan. The venue will allow for set-up of tents and booths in ARF assigned sites on Friday.


All staff and vendor participants are required to wear costumes to fit the festival theme. For specifics, please see ARF's Costume Guidelines.


Retail Vendors:
For the weekend (10 a.m. - dusk), $80 per 10' x 10' space, $160 per 10' x 20' space, $240 per 10' x 30' space.

Food and Beverage Vendors:
For the weekend (10 a.m. - dusk), $150 per 10' x 10' space, $300 per 10' x 20' space

Food Truck:

Beer and Alcohol Vendors: Contact us directly for rates.?
*Payment is non-refundable 60 days before the show opens, unless the show is canceled. A $75 fee will be added for any NSF check.

Pay for Fees Via PayPal

Vendor Application

Please download and fill out the Vendor Application and submit it to us. To be listed on the website, additionally submit a list and description of items, products, and/or services you wish to sell/provide, along with photos, videos and/or website link. If possible, include a photo of your display/tent/booth space.


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